Locker Token Sports NFTs

Locker Token creates valuable sports memorabilia NFTs for fans while enabling teams and players to take control of digital asset creation by facilitating the minting process without complicated smart contract development experience.
Minting an NFT, or non-fungible token, is the process of publishing a one-of-a-kind digital asset on a blockchain so that it can be purchased, sold, and traded.

How Does NFT Minting Work?

The Locker Token’s all-in-one mobile app facilitates sport NFT minting. With Locker Token, teams and players can create sports NFTs as easily as creating a social media post, with no coding knowledge needed.

How To Mint Sport NFTs on Locker?

To mint your Sport NFT, you will need a crypto wallet supporting the Ethereum or Matic Network. Luckily, the Locker Token Mobile App and Web App come equipped with a cryptocurrency wallet with minting capabilities built in.

Download the Locker Token Ecosystem App

Get it on Google Play

Set Up Your Wallet

Once you’ve downloaded the Locker Token Ecosystem App, make sure to set up your wallet. Be sure to safely store your wallet’s seed phrase offline, as this will be used for recovery should you ever get locked out.

Mint Sport NFTs

After you create your wallet, to continue the sport NFT minting process, you can now go and create the NFT itself.
Click on the “+” button.

NFTs Creator

Once on this page, you will be able to set unique properties to mint sport NFT.

  1. Give your NFT a name
  2. Provide a description to go along your NFT
  3. You can select the Blockchain you want to mint on (Ethereum or Matic Network)
  4. Select a return percentage of all future NFT sales

Sports NFT Marketplace

To purchase one-of-a-kind Locker Token sports NFTs, users can head to the Sports NFT Marketplace and check out existing collections and purchase NFTs.

Teams Currently Using Locker Token NFTs:

Rögle BK

Locker Token has partnered with the SHL’s own Rögle BK to provide fans of the Swedish Hockey team access to Locker Token’s hockey NFT collectibles.

Manchester Storm

Manchester Storm is currently using the Locker Token platform to supercharge their fan engagement through Locker Token by providing fans with a mixture of hockey NFT trading cards, and unique captured moments from Manchester Storm games.

How Does Locker Help Teams Mint Sports NFTs?

Locker Token’s app development team makes it easier than ever for teams and players to mint unique, immutable non-fungible token collections onto the blockchain with a push of a button.