Blockchain-Enabled Sports Memorabilia

Locker Token leverages the increasingly popular blockchain technology to provide fans with one of a kind sport NFT cards. Much like the trading cards of yesteryear, Locker Token’s sports NFT trading cards provide buyers with a piece of sports history, capturing the glory of sports finest players. Unlike their predecessors, Locker Token sport NFTs will not wither away with time; using the immutable properties of blockchain, sport NFT token owners can rest assured knowing their valued sports memorabilia will remain intact for decades to come.

Locker Token Sports NFTs Are:


They will never be erased from the blockchain


Each and every sport NFT is different than the next, providing users with unique tokens for their collections


Fans can add sports NFTs to their list of sports merch to show support for their beloved teams


From coffee shops to real estate, crypto is everywhere. Locker Token aims to bridge the crypto and sports worlds to reimagine the way how sports are organized. An NFT platform and crypto ecosystem is not complete without its own native crypto token. $LKT is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that will become the native token of the Locker Ecosystem Blockchain. $LKT will be utilized as transaction “gas” and is required for network validation privileges.

LOCKER Allows Platform Users To:

  • Mint and purchase NFTs in the Sports NFT Marketplace.
  • Store, send and receive cryptocurrency to another wallet, with taxes not applicable until funds transferred are transferred to fiat currency.
  • Interact with the Ethereum and Polygon networks.
  • Stake LOCKER for rewards
  • DAO governance of the platform is delegated to LOCKER token holders.
  • Support favorite teams directly

What is the maximum supply of LOCKER?

Locker Token has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 LOCKER tokens

“We’re excited to be launching this platform and we think it has the potential to completely change the way pro sports are organized.” -Pat Curcio

Ready to buy Locker Token?

You can buy Locker through Uniswap V2 and Bit.Team exchange.