Bolzano Fans can play an interactive digital game and win exclusive Playoffs Prizes!

What Is It?

Fans can claim a free crypto wallet which will be loaded with a total of 5 NFT Collectibles of Bolzano Players.

Player NFTs receive points based on each Game performance, similar to Fantasy Sports.

The NFT Roster with the most points is eligible to win Official Team Prizes like Game Pucks, Jerseys and Player Meets.

We will send random Players to your wallet for your to build your roster.

You can trade Players with other fans to accumulate the ultimate Team.

How Does It Work?

1. Download the Locker Token App [iOS] or [Android] or [Web]

2. Scan the QR Code in the App [Instruction Video]

3. You now have your own Blockchain Wallet with 5 Bolzano NFTs

4. You can trade Player NFTs with other Fans through the App Chat feature.

5. Every played Game, we will allocate Performance Points to each Player.

6. Top performing NFT Rosters will be visible on our Leaderboard on this Page.

7. Winners will be selected post game and will win exclusive merchandize.

There are 3 value levels of prizes:

Round Win (Game Sticks, Team Apparel)

 Each Individual Game (Games Pucks)

 Overall Playoff Victory (Signed Jerseys, Player Meetings)

For Instructions, view This Video or contact us

Leader Score Board