What Can Locker Token Blockchain Consulting Services Do For You?

Locker Token provides blockchain as a service solutions to enable sports organizations to harness blockchain’s innovation, supercharging their business strategy with cryptocurrency, a Sports NFT Marketplace and more.

What is Blockchain Technology, And Why Should I Add It To My Business Strategy?

Blockchain is essentially a system for recording information in a way that makes changing, hacking, or cheating the system difficult or impossible through a decentralized group of independently operating “servers.” This decentralized system is what allows for digital assets.
According to projections, the digital assets sector will reach

billions by 2027

Futureproof your organization with the Locker Token blockchain as a service solution strategy.

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How Locker Token Consulting Can Aid Your Organization

Our Consulting team is here to assist you in providing better blockchain business practices to your sports enterprise.
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Crypto Payroll

Locker Token blockchain consulting can help your sports business set up crypto-native strategy to pay your employees and players through the use of $LOCKER. A crypto payroll can help your business:

  • Allow sports teams to monetize in a future proof way.
  • Achieve financial independence: There are no intermediaries between you and your payees.
  • Leverage smart contracts for escrow holdings without intermediaries.
  • Manage taxation: taxes apply yearly or when transferring crypto to a fiat bank account.

Sports NFT Minting

Locker Token can help your team create its very own NFT collections and mint them on the blockchain. Locker Token already empowers teams by enabling them to mint Hockey NFT Cards and more digital collectibles.
Sports NFTs enable:

  • A way to monetize your fandom by providing digital sports memorabilia.
  • Capturing game moments and highlights, immortalized on the blockchain.
  • Verifiable proof of fandom.
    • Our team of blockchain experts can help provide consulting to help bring your Web3 sports venture to life.

General Consultancy

Locker Token can help guide your business to ideate a strategy on how to implement the multibillion dollar web3 industry into your team by providing valuable consultancy by a team of blockchain experts with a passion for sports. Navigate through the hype and focus on what brings tangible value to your team and fan base with the help of Locker Token.

Locker Token Blockchain Services

If you are unsure if Locker Token’s blockchain as a service products are right for your business strategy, consider the following:

If you are looking to expand your market share in your business strategy, note that global spending on blockchain solutions has increased close to $6 billion since 2017, despite “bear” markets.

Product innovation is here. Practically every billion dollar business is either already implementing or in the process of implementing crypto and/or blockchain technology to their business strategy.

Blockchains are: