A Blockchain Network built for the Professional Sports Industry

Owned and Operated by Leagues & Teams, building the infrastructure for tomorrows digital world.

Why? – Because data is todays most valued asset! We provide a gateway to step into Web3 and beyond, while distributing ownership of the greater Ecossytem amongst the professional sports industry.
Our collectively owned system includeds technology share with customizable User Interfaces for Leagues and Teams. This approach enables all parties to constantly advance with technological changes, eliminiting individual development work. An Ecosystem of Decentralized Applications to service the Pro Sports Industry.


There are many service providers for Web3 end user applications and a vast
variety of Blockchain Networks to operate on. Who to choose?

We are offering a Blockchain Network built specifically for the professional sports industry, enabling Teams and other major industry entities to host the network and benefiting from collective growth, retaining value inside the industry and minimize dependencies on outside parties.

With this model, all participants will benefit from collective growth and constant advancement in an evolving industry. Get started at no cost and tap into a large revenue potential awhile instantly reducing existing costs.

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The LKT Blockchain is built on the Polygon Network, which inherits its security from Ethereum. We offer the highest technological standard, providing professional sports organizations an added layer of privacy, security and control, awhile keeping network operating costs within the industry.