LOCKER TOKEN: Where Sports and Crypto Converge

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Locker Token is a future of Sports Gaming

Meta Description: Sports and Cryptocurrency are converging at a fast pace, and there’s never been a better time to learn about it and get involved. Investors, pro teams and fans can engage on a different level with the $LOCKER TOKEN and its DAO.

The world of crypto, blockchain, NFTs, online wallets, and $LOCKER Token—can be pretty confusing to most people. However, most of those people are interested in learning exactly what it’s all about and how it all works. This article will explain the basics and answer typical questions readers have and more.

What Is LOCKER Token and the $LOCKER D-App?

LOCKER Token and the $Locker D-APP is a sports-themed digital community where players and teams can have easy access to crypto for the purpose of trades, bonuses, or simply to send money to one another for whatever reason. It’s a one-stop shop that can be used globally by players, teams, and investors who have access to the app and blockchain. 

Funds can be sent without limits worldwide, and fees are minimal. The LOCKER wallet will also act like a high-interest savings yield. A person holding money in the app can gain up to 15% liquidity in yearly appreciation. 

Athletes will have the option to take a game clip or photo and upload it into the LOCKER blockchain and into the marketplace to be sold instantly as an NFT that each player instantly owns the rights to. 

What’s an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. The NFT phenomenon took off when Christie’s auction house sold the first-ever NFT in 2021. They sold a compilation of digital artwork for just under $70 million

NFTs are one-of-a-kind assets that can be automatically verified through the blockchain for sale. NFTs started in the art and music world but have since trickled into the sporting world after a LeBron James slam dunk video sold for $200,000. 

Non-Fungible VS Fungible

A non-fungible token is completely unique and not interchangeable. While tokens like LOCKER Token, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are fungible. They can be exchanged or replaced with another token of the same value. Think of fungible tokens like a dollar bill with a different value depending on what country you’re spending it in or what the stock market says.

What’s a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a shared unchangeable ledger that facilitates, records, and tracks transactions within a network. It can be tangible or non-tangible assets. It cuts costs, and because the record of the exchange cannot be altered, it reduces the risks of digital transactions.

What Is DeFi and Why It’s Important?

DeFi means decentralized finance in the crypto world. You’re probably wondering why it’s important? An easy way to think about it is when banks are decentralized, they have more freedom. It’s the same with a crypto blockchain. By having a DeFi or a decentralized blockchain in the LOCKER D-App, you have more freedom. Basically, you don’t need to go through a middle man. 

Another way to look at it is with cryptocurrencies and apps other than LOCKER Token; you need to facilitate the purchase on a centralized blockchain which requires a third party like MetaMask or Coinbase. This brings on fees that a decentralized blockchain doesn’t add. 

Benefits of the LOCKER D-app

There are several benefits to getting involved in crypto, but LOCKER Token is taking it a step further. The Benefits of using LOCKER Token and the $LOCKER D-App are:

  • Team and Player Friendly
  • DeFi/Decentralized Transactions
  • Low Transaction Costs and Reduced Risk
  • NFT Creations/Sales
  • High Interest-Earning Yields
  • Great for International Salaries and Bonus Payments

Official LOCKER Token Ambassadors

LOCKER Token already has brought on some big names as ambassadors. Current and former NHL players like Tyler Seguin and Phil Esposito. Othersformer players include; Ryan Malone, Alexei Yashin, and model/actress Carol Alt. Their role is to work with the company and help with brand awareness to make LOCKER Token the premier crypto sports network.

LOCKER Token; The Way of The Future

As we venture into this new world of crypto, blockchains, and NFTs, the future looks bright. Combining these entities with athletes makes perfect sense. Plus, connecting people with their sports hero’s on a different level is a win for everybody involved. Not to mention there’s a unique opportunity to grow your investment and make some real money.