Sports Memorabilia, Now Immutable

Thanks to a Locker Token and Manchester Storm NFT partnership, fans can now expand on collections of their favourite Elite League team to include in-game NFTs that will remain pristine forever!

The Manchester Storm Series.

The Manchester Storm NFT collection will include one NFT in the likeness for every player and in-game moments utilizing blockchain technology to ensure that you get to be an owner on an original Manchester Storm collection.

How To Buy Manchester Storm NFTs?

  • The collection will consist of both player NFT cards and tokenized in-game moments, creating a the ultimate momento
  • Teams can select moments from matches in real time to allowing fans to purchase via the announcements and the video display.
  • For those who missed their chance at purchasing these collectables, they will also be available on TV broadcasts at a later date.
  • To purchase Manchester Storm NFT moments or player card collectibles in the series, fans must head to the minting page via iOS and Android mobile apps or on the web browser, using either fiat or crypto as payment.

Immortalize your matches

Scored from the center line? Locker Token provides Teams and athletes full autonomy in choosing what moments to highlight and tokenize, forever minting them onto the blockchain. Locker NFTs are mintable using the smartphone app.

When Does The NFT Minting Start?

The Locker + Manchester Storm NFT mint will go live on September 22nd 2022.

Is Locker NFT Open To All Sports Teams?

Yes! We invite all professional sports clubs to join Locker, and futureproof their fan engagement offering – while creating a Web3 channel for monetizing through blockchain. If you’re a commercial manager or key decision maker at a pro sports team – we would love to hear from you!

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