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Partnership Announcement: We are excited to be joining forces with UFFS to offer our athletes the opportunities for benefiting from secondary careers in the Metaverse.

About LOCKER Token

The $LOCKER D-App is a whitelabel gateway for professional sports Teams and their Players to conveniently access the New Digital World of Crypto and Blockchain. Themed for the sports industry.

This decentralized Application will boast the best DeFi features available to date and will package it into a user-friendly app, that can be custom themed for the various Teams and Sports industries.

Besides facilitating a better way to manage funds independently on a global scale, the App will have an NFT Marketplace where Players can mint NFTs on their mobile and make them instantly available for fan purchase, payable in LOCKER Tokens.

 Benefits Teams and Players can enjoy through the LOCKER D-DApp

–          Whitelabel Marketplace for NFT Creations and Sales

–          Managing International Salary Payments

–          Facilitating Instant Transactions

–          Significantly Reducing Transaction Costs

–          High-interest earnings through Yield-Farming

–          Crypto Gateway for real world merger




About Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports

UFFS is the world’s first fantasy sports ecosystem disrupting the way consumers play Fantasy Sports. 

Where Sports NFTs come to play.

The world’s first digital sports ecosystem offering ownership of franchises and players of digital NFT assets. Most fantasy sports platforms simply track your players to help you understand how many points your lineup was awarded based on the performance of the players on the field.

But UFF Sports provides you the ability to be more than a general manager by providing digital asset ownership of players, franchises, and draft rights. 

You own the players, as digital assets (NFTs), and rights to trade them.  Scouts can register up-and-coming prospects. Typical fantasy sports leagues compete against thousands of other teams.

Instead, UFF Sports has built a completely new game model where only an elite few will have rights to compete as franchises in their respective sports.

Never have to start over next year. Play to win. Play for keeps.

#YouOwnTheGame at UFF Sports!




The Partnership

Where Real World and Fantasy meet.

The LOCKER App will act as a gateway for Players and Fans to take their first steps into crypto by enjoying DeFi benefits like financial independence, fast & low-cost transactions, staking and high interest earnings on yield-farming protocols.

What UFFS will offer to players is access to a second career in Fantasy Sports and for fans and owners in the Fantasy League to take partial ownership in them.

Purchasing a unique Digital Athlete NFT connects you with the real athlete and you now own a share of this 1-of-1 digital representation of the athlete in the Fantasy League. The real athlete retains partial ownership of this NFT as well, so you are now partners in the digital world.

For athletes, investors and collectors, this represents an opportunity to participate in a secondary career of the real-world athlete in the Metaverse. 70% of ownership is retained by the athlete, 10% by the Agent and 20% goes to the platform, making it a well distributed system that allows for plenty of opportunities.

At LOCKER, we are looking forward to the Community of UFFS users utilizing the infrastructure of the LOCKER D-App to further expand their crypto journey.